Vikan UST Floor / Deck Scrub 400mm

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Ultra Safe Technology - UST is a revolutionary new line of brooms and brushes that help improve food safety and quality, minimize food waste and increase cleaning efficiency. These new products from Vikan brooms and brushes comply with food safety regulations and minimize the risk of contamination hazards.

The innovative technology utilizes enhanced bristle security units directly molded to the brush block, removing any gaps or seams while offering unprecedented bristle retention strength.

The hand brushes, deck scrubs and sweeping brooms each have a unique bristle pattern to optimize function, while spacing between the bristle units makes each tool easier to clean, dry, and inspect. 

UST provides a level of hygienic design that has never been seen before. In areas that are hygiene critical, UST gives food processors the confidence that bacteria and foreign contaminates will not hide in and around the tools.  This makes UST an outstanding alternative to resin set Vikan broom and brush products.

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