Rough Terrain Pallet Jack

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This rough terrain pallet truck is great for applications such as timber yards, brick yards and hard stand areas where the ground is gravel or rough.

Large pneumatic wheels

Capacity: 1250kg

Min Fork Height: 63mm

Max Fork Height: 233mm

Fork Length: 860mm

Load Centre: 450mm

Adjustable Fork Width: 228-735mm

Tine Width: 100mm

Width Inside Front Wheels: 1230mm

Front Wheel Size: 550x132mm (Dia x Width)

Rear Wheel Size: 265x80mm (Dia x Width)

Turning Radius: 1500mm

Overall Size: 1375x1605x1200 (LxWxH)

Axle Distance Between Front and Rear Wheels: 973mm

Unit Weight: 245kg

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