Portable Weigh Beam Scales (set of 2 bars)

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A complete Weigh Beams Scale for 3000 kg (1500kg each)
Very robust aluminum construction and easy to move. Weighing pallets, parcels, small tanks, containers, livestock weighing, conveyors or any odd shape and size. Supply: Rechargeable battery lion - Dimension: 800x80x55mm - Own weight 5kg each beam only - Android APP only - Working time 100 hours battery charge.

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APP Options:

  • Zero-Reset
  • Bluetooth Printer (optional, sold separately)
  • Weighing record search
  • Accumulative weighing
  • Option of having 3rd strip scale in a row for longer items and giving 4500kg of weighing.

Phone App
Download P Scale Android App (This link is for Android phones and tablets only)
Download P Scale iPhone App  (This link is for Iphone phones and tablets only)


Model D1-15
Size 80cmx8cmx5.5cm
Weight 5kg
Material Structural Aluminium
Built-in Battery 3.7v 9000mAh
Capacity (per bar) 1-1500kg
Compositive deviation 1% (a)
Maximum working time 100 hours (b)
Charging time 6 hours (c)
Capacity (per bar) 1500kg
Material Alloy Steel
Quantity  2
Protection Class IP67
Working Temperature -20°C---65°C