Pallet Angle Load Angle – 1050mm

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Heavy duty pallet angle: 1050mm long. Load Angles

These angles distribute the restraining pressure of the load restraint device across the width of a standard pallet. They are suitable for protecting goods and packaging from tie-down equipment such as ropes, webbing straps and ratchet tie-downs

We designed this product in view of making loading your trucks easier and quicker.


  • We guarantee our pallet angles are never supplied where the ends curve away from the pallet before strapping. The product is designed so that once the straps are tightened an even loading is applied across the top of the pallet greatly reducing the likelihood of the angle blowing off as the ends of the angle will not catch wind.
  • Ridges have been added to the top edge to prevent the angles slipping out from under the strap. An excellent advantage on open loads.
  • Made from tough impact resistant plastic this load angle is in for the long haul.

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