Omni Fitted Lid OBLID660/1000

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Omni Bin Fitted Lid Omni Bins Fitted Lids provides you with Hygienic Food Grade lid for sealing the products stored.

Solid Polyethylene Dual Wall ensuring, industrial strength and durable Lid

Hygienic Easy to Clean and maintain.

Reinforced Internal Corner sections - providing extra stability for stacking of bins.

Own your brand with the option of Logo/Name-plate moulded into the plastic - for excellent traceability 

Lid Colours available to coordinate with colour coding within your processing facility.

The lids have corner fasteners.

UV Resistant for extended bin usage.

100% fully recyclable for end of life product usability.

2 Year Warranty - This means that the Omni Bin Lids are warranted against defect or fault caused by poor workmanship or inferior quality. 

Size: Length:1170mm x Width: 1170mm x Height: 100mm

Cat # OBLID660/1000

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