Forklift Extension Slippers Aussie Made

Forklift Extension Slippers Aussie Made

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Forklift Extension Slippers Aussie Made.

Bremco’s Forklift Extension Slippers allow you to temporarily lengthen the tynes of your Fork Truck for load stability and are ideal for large crates or machinery items. 

The slim profile of our Forklift Extension Slippers are made from fully fabricated plate sections and have a hot dip galvanized finish. All Bremco forklift slippers comply with AS2359.15.

 In accordance with AS2359.15 Forklift Slippers for general use should be no longer than 167% of the supporting forklift tyne length. If the slippers are longer than this, then their use shall be restricted to their specified application.

 Forklift Extension Slippers are available in many lengths: 

  • Class 2 Forklift Slippers (for forklift capacity 1500kg – 2500kg)
  • Class 3 Forklift Slippers (for forklift capacity 3000kg – 5000kg)
  • Class 4 Forklift Slippers (for forklift capacity 6000kg – 8000kg)

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