Drum Lifter - Rotator - Pourer

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Drum Lifter / Rotator & Pourer- 350kg Capacity

 The Drum Lifter Rotator Pourer is ideal for applications where drum or barrels are stacked, transported, and poured.  This barrel lifter is ideal for liquid transportation of oil, chemical, fuel & food allowing the user to be able to pour them without manual labour required.

Stacking, transporting, and pouring at an angle made easy.

Simply wheel the lifter up to the barrel/drum and secure with the parrot beak.

The 180-degree tipping function allows the operator to remain at the controls during the tipping operation.

Powder coated safety yellow for hi visibility and extra protection from wear and tear.

The barrel is controlled by the turning wheel.

Contains a foot pump, hand pump, and foot release pedal for lowering.

 Lift Height 1425mm

Overall Width 890mm

Overall Height 2020mm

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