Omni Bins

Manor HC manufactures a range of Quality Pallet Bins that is Australian Manufactured and supporting locals.
With 4 way forklift access, optional lids, stackable, available in 7 sizes.
Manor HC, is the supplier & manufacturer on the Omni Bins - the Processing Bin, that has lasted the test of time, with all bins, with continued use, they get damaged, and can be repaired.  The Omni Bins are manufactured in the Good Plastic, that can be recycled Infinitely, the Omni Bins are a good investment, that will last many years.
Manufactured in Australia, another quality Australian made product.
The Omni Bins, are manufactured in a range of colours, and bright colours like Pink, Orange, Yellow.. to suit your colour coding of your facility, to suit your companies branding, including customized nameplates for excellent traceability.
Can be manufactured to your specified requirements, for use in critical or sensitive areas, for a wide range of materials.

Features include:
Double Wall Construction
Smooth Seamless Design
Hygienic Easy to Clean and maintain.
Stackable for easy storage
4 Way Forklift/Pallet jack entry
Extra Thick Edges on Corners and Floor to help reduce impact and wear
Reinforced Top edge for added strength
Own your brand with the option of Logo/Name-plate moulded into the Omni Bin Keep your products uncontaminated with an optional lid.
Bin Colours available to coordinate with colour coding within your processing facility. UV Resistant for extended bin usage.

Optional Lids available.
Optional bung for drainage.